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Friday, July 31, 1987 Club Pizazz (Phila., PA) by Tony

[Originally published: Issue #4, circa 1987]

Before the show even started, they announced the bad news: 7 SECONDS’ bus broke down in New York and they wouldn’t be able to make it. The door price was dropped to $6 (from $8) to try to atone for this loss.

FAIL SAFE and THE CORRUPTED ONES also played on this bill, but we didn’t see then because we were in Kentucky Fried Chicken with JUSTICE LEAGUE. Even though I’m not familiar with these two bands, I would’ve liked to see them. Besides, I think people should support the opening acts on any bill, especially T.C.O., who were not even scheduled to play. We hope to cover both of these bands in our mag in the future.

Philly’s own SCRAM began their melodious, reggae-type set in front of the audience which, despite the 7 SECONDS cancellation, was large nonetheless. SCRAM’s extended set consisted mostly of songs from their recently released debut album “Stand Up” (Better Youth Organization Records). To me, the highlight was when they did “Something To Cling To”, my favorite SCRAM song. SCRAM definitely proves that good music isn’t only found in ripping thrash or brutal hardcore. SCRAM is probably one of Philly’s best kept secrets – but they won’t be for long, especially with their great debut LP.

JUSTICE LEAGUE from California were up next. Before the show, we had spent like an hour and a half talking with the band in the fast food place near the club, and I was anxious to see (and hear) them live. They disappointed no one! JUSTICE LEAGUE played a long set of unique sounding hardcore that is very melodic, yet it also rocks and is not short on power. All throughout they put a tremendous effort in both their playing and their performance. By the time they finished up, I don’t think many people minded (or even remembered) that 7 SECONDS cancelled.

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