various together ep

Various Artists — “Together” EP
I’m a big fan of newer NY hardcore, so this EP, to me, is fantastic! Seven bands get to strut their stuff (one song each), compiled by Ray of Today (of YOUTH OF TODAY). All the bands are good – no complaints about any of their music or lyrics. But some REALLY stand out. BOLD Is a band that has really matured since their CRIPPLED YOUTH days (especially lyrically), giving the best tune on the EP with “Talk Is Cheap”. SIDE BY SIDE comes off sounding great, too — talented musicians with a message, as heard on their track, “V.T.F.” YOUTH OF TODAY, as usual, sounds fantastic with their live recording of “Together”. Other bands who appear are WARZONE, SICK OF IT ALL, SUPERTOUCH, and GORILLA BISCUITS. [MICKEY]

[Originally published: Issue #4, circa 1987]