trip 6 demo

TRIP 6 — “Back With a Vengeance” demo

TRIP 6 is a hardcore band based in New York City. The members are Tommy Rat (ex-WARZONE, ex-PSYCHOS) on vocals, Stu (ex-PSYCHOS) on guitar, Zippy (current member of ULTRA VIOLENCE) on bass, and Josh (from SHOK) on drums. (The drummer on the tape is ex-WARZONE Charlie Rage, who is now in ULTRA VIOLENCE.) They say: "Our personal beliefs are (to) live the way you choose to live. It doesn't matter whether you're a punk, or a skinhead, or straight-edge or not. All we wanna do is play our music. Life's an ongoing trip, it can be 6 times better or 6 times worse."

These guys play some rather original grungy, old-style NY HC/punk. (As you can see, it's hard to label.) The first time you listen to it, some of the timing may be off, but that's just because it's not what you expect. But as you become more familiar with the songs, they really hit home with some good music. The muddy production on this tape hurts, but you might want to check this out if you're sick and tired of "moshing it up." Write to K. McAdam, 40 Clinton St. #3a, NY NY 1002. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #7, circa 1989]