scram kingsessing

SCRAM -- “Kingsessing Trials” LP
Many of you may remember SCRAM, a hardcore/reggae trio which tore up the Philadelphia underground music scene in the mid-1980s (BYO Records released their “Stand Up” LP back then). They’ve since acquired a percussionist, two seasoned jazz horn players and a whole new sound. SCRAM has thrown the sounds of punk, reggae, salsa, calypso, jazz, Motown and big-band swing into a blender and have ended up with an amazing mix – highly danceable and lots of fun. Though staying true to their punk days by speaking out on social and global matters, SCRAM could be considered “commercialized.” Whatever. But all I can say is that this release will be blasted out of my car speakers for some time to come. (self-released) [MICKEY]

[The “Lost Issue” — early 1990s. Never published]