[Originally published: Issue #1, circa 1987]

Philly’s best hardcore band, RUIN, has released the follow up to their successful debut. The new album, “Fiat Lux” (Meta Meta Records) is another great album. FLAG OF DEMOCRACY has just released their debut LP, “Shatter Your Day” (Buy Our Records), that translates their raw energy onto vinyl well.

Philadelphia’s “kings of speed and thrash” (as the sticker on the album claims), ANVIL BITCH, has released their debut LP, “Rise to Offend” (New Renaissance). ANVIL BITCH is great live, but this album didn’t live up to my high expectations for their debut LP. The production is poor, but the songs are good, and that’s what keeps this album out of my trash can. Still, you gotta see them live.

The rapidly rising PAGAN BABIES has released a 7″ on Positive Force. To obtain it, send $3 [to Positive Force]. Keep an eye on this band and don’t miss a chance to see them live. Plus Records has released another 400 pressings of the Philly compilation, “That was then … This is now”, featuring RUIN, FOD, SCRAM, and ELECTRIC LOVE MUFFIN, with a free poster available by mail order. (By the way, this 4 track 7″ comp, is very good.) Send $3 to Marc Pingitore.

The reggae/hardcore outfit SCRAM will release an album on Better Youth Organization in March. ELECTRIC LOVE MUFFIN, plans to release their debut LP on Buy Our Records. Philly thrashers HOMO PICNIC have signed to a label.

LEGITIMATE REASON has a demo out (see Mick’s Music Corner for complete review). EPILEPTIC ALBINO BULLFROGS (EAB) are currently waking plans for a demo. THUNDER’S WRATH and PEER PRESHURE are making a name for themselves by playing some local shows.

Club Pizzaz in the Northeast has decided to hold back on the thrash snows there for a while due to damage done at a recent ANVIL BITCH – FAITH OR FEAR – HALLOW’S EVE show. However, hardcore shows will continue, except on Friday nights because of a recent fight at D.C’s SCREAM show. A new venue, the PHILLY COOKBOOK, recently hosted its first thrash/hardcore show which featured PEER PRESHURE, THUNDER’S WRATH, and E.A.B. Meanwhile, the KENNEL CLUB in Center City continues to wallow in its new-wave / pop format. Too bad, the Kennel was cool, but Club Pizzazz is just as good, if not even better.

Another Philly compilation will be out soon. It will feature ten area bands. For their contribution, LEGITIMATE REASON has gone to Washington, D.C., to record new tracks. Ian MacKaye produced it. Another demo or e.p. soon?

All bands touring through the Philadelphia area should get in touch with Philly’s main promoter, Chuck Meehan.

If you are in a new band in the Philadelphia area and want to be in PHILLY SCENE REPORT, send a tape of the band, a report on what the band has been doing / plans to do, and a contact address (or phone number if possible).