Sunday, March 29, 1987, Philly Cookbook by Tony

[Originally published: Issue #1, circa 1987]

The first thrash/hardcore show at this place showcased some of Philly’s best young talent. The place was small (about 75 people crowded the joint) but the sound system was great and the young talent here was impressive.

ANY THREE INITIALS took the stage first to do their set of slow, rhythmic punk. I didn’t really like this band, but I give them credit for having the guts to get on stage. But, their three chord songs were boring. Maybe with a little more work…

PEER PRESHURE was on next but they were missing their lead singer. So the lead guitarist, drummer, and even a few guest vocalists had to take up the slack – and they did a great job! They did great sounding covers of SLAYER and D.R.I. and some good original material. This is a very talented band, and with a permanent lead singer, they can go a long way.

Next up was THUNDER’S WRATH, a great band that originates from Central’s South Lawn. From the second they hit the stage with Sabbath’s “Paranoia” to their last number, “Louie,Louie”, THUNDER’S WRATH tore the roof down. In between were covers of SLAYER, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, and even the BEASTIE BOYS, along with a few originals. Their set was tight and fast with a lot of good solo-ing. They really got the people into it. Keep an eye on THUNDER’S WRATH.

EPILEPTIC ALBINO BULLFROGS, the band with the most performance experience, finally took the stage. Their set was mostly good original tunes with only two or three covers (like AGNOSTIC FRONT’S “Your Mistake”). They played well and had a lot of fun. This really wasn’t E.A.B.’s crowd (more thrashers and metal-heads than punks and skins) but they still seemed to appreciate E.A.B. They have a bright future in the Philly hardcore/crossover scene