Embrace — LP

EMBRACE was one of the greatest bands to have come out of DC (along with MINOR THREAT and DAG NASTY) in my opinion. This is another Dischord posthumous release showing how amazing this band really was. The music isn’t typical DC-sounding. EMBRACE consisted of incredibly talented musicians who made their slower, very melodious sound more powerful than a dual-guitar crossover band. This is seen on its fourteen excellent tracks, the best of which are “Do Not Consider Yourself Free” and “I Wish I.” EMBRACE has a sound that doesn’t seem to take any influences from other bands – they developed a very unique sound. The lyrics are great, too, perfectly done by Ian Mackaye; his singing/yelling voice has found a place where it fits perfectly. Good messages are there, too, in tunes like “Said Gun Said Knife” and “Money.” EMBRACE is one of my favorite bands ever. If you have any concept of taste, you’ll like this LP. Get it and see! (Dischord) [MICKEY]

[Originally published: Issue #5, circa 1988]

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