Monday, June 29, 1987, Pulsations (Glen Mills, PA) by Tony

[Originally published: Issue #3, circa 1987]

[LOOKING BACK: This show review demonstrates many things, none of them good: How easily distracted I was by irrelevant events before and during the show, how poorly I conveyed the raw energy and electric atmosphere of a great live performance like the CRO-MAGS gave, and how my attitude back then was that being in the scene represented a 'contract' among the bands and the crowd. Though cancelling a show without explanation is understandable, I stand by my comments that price-gouging on show prices and merchandise was something that raised barriers to 'scene' participation and limits participation from the younger crowd. -- Tony]

cro mags gang green flyer

The first show at Pulsations featuring hardcore bands was a success - not as crowded as the ANTHRAX show, but a decent turn-out none-the-less. We couldn't get any pictures of the bands onstage since Pulsations doesn't allow cameras, but we do have some pix of the accident that occured outside the club before the show started. Now you might be saying, "Gee. That's awfully insensitive to be taking pictures of such carnage. You should be helping." Well, you're wrong. The wreck wasn't too bad -- all the passengers walked away from the car unscathed). But everything was hunky-dory, whatever that means.

LUDICHRIST started their set despite the fact that the lead guitarist wasn't there yet. He eventually showed up, but the Ludi-dudes were plagued by sound problems. But all these misfortunes were overcome by this hard rockin' band. Too bad the line-up has changed.

GANG GREEN cancelled. Nobody seemed to know why. If you know, or if GANG GREEN is reading, write and explain yourself

Finally, the CRO-MAGS came on stage to thunderous ovations. They sounded great, doing tunes off of "Age of Quarrel" (Jeez, that album rules!) and even some new material. The bouncers weren't as bad as last time, especially since singer John Joseph broke the no-stage-diving "rule" by executing perfect back-flips into the crowd, and instructing the sadistic bouncers not to throw people out "cause they're just having a good time."

The CRO-MAGS were absolutely great. Since GANG GREEN cancelled, they played an extended set, which was fine by me. No real violence, though there were a few flare-ups. An excellent show. CRO-MAGS are great musicians and really cool people. But $12 for t-shirts is kinda steep, ain't it?