Beefeater House Burning Down

BEEFEATER — “House Burning Down” LP
Yet another Dischord LP released after the band has broken up. In this case, it’s BEEFEATER who really shows off their great sound. It’s almost an all-star album, with cameos from artists connected with Dischord or Washington D.C. But they help only a little to make BEEFEATER’s final album a screaming SUCCESS. Their funky, jazzy hardcore sound with drowning, off-sounding choruses is unmistakingly BEEFEATER – very adventurous (weird?) and off-beat (bizarre?). The lyrics are very vague, but somehow almost inspiring once you find out what they mean to you. Another thing I like is that each member gets his own tracks where he can show off his solo stuff. (Each is very bizarre, as you could probably guess, but very interesting.) I can’t say I’d recommend it to everyone, as it is off-beat (but not alien – the hardcore hard-edge is still there), but it is still very good to me. [MICKEY]

[Originally published: Issue #5, circa 1988]