[Originally published: Issue #5, circa 1988]

Howdy from cactus land! bad news here: THE VICTORS, who literally started hardcore in Arizona, have moved to San Francisco, Actually, only one of them, Mick (the brother did shows), moved. Tony AKA Placebo Records is still living in Phoenix but it is rumored that he is leaving also. It’s sad to see these guys leave. They never really got the appreciation they deserved. Well, band wise, YOUTH UNDER CONTROL from Mesa have been playing a lot and have improved 1000x since they started. They have a ten song demo available. Write to them at the YUC fan club, 435 H. Olla, Mesa, AZ 85202. DESECRATION (photographed below) recorded their second record the first one is sold out). It’s about 10 or 11 songs – mostly slobbering fast thrash, but one song is a rap entitled “Ignorance Sells … Are You Buying?”, and there’s a cover of the GoGo’s “We Got the Beat”. It will be on Manic Ears (UK) and will be available early fail. Write to them at P.O. Box 195, Mesa, AZ 85201. Well, LAST OPTION has gone through some changes. First, we lost Frank (bass) so we had a friend stand in, and thanks to him, we lost Audrey (drums). So, then he quit and Frank is back on bass and Eric (Asto) from Y.U.C. is not our permanent drummer. We are starting to record a 7″ EP, which should be out in December. Write to us at P.O. HOX 10094, Scottsdale, AZ 55271. Well, that’s about it. In, bards interested in playing call de at (602) 834-5309. Until next time, take care. — Dave Schaller, (At press-time, we found out that Y.U.C. have broken up, and the DESECRATION / SUBVERSE split LP is row available – Ed. )