Youth of Today — “Break Down the Walls” LP

YOUTH OF TODAY — “Break Down the Walls” LP
YOUTH OF TODAY’s EP “Can’t Close My Eyes” (Positive Force Records) was a very strong release every track was great musically, and the vocals were top-notch. It seemed that a comparable follow-up would be unlikely, but they managed to match their effort on the EP, and for the most part, surpass it. YOUTH OF TODAY has the heavy, thick New York hardcore sound (dual guitars, strong bass), but unlike bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT and the CRUMBSUCKERS, the heavy metal tinge is missing, but not missed. They have a sound all their own, which is difficult to describe or compare. The energy that they emit live transfers well in the studio, as seen on such great tracks as “Make a Change”, “Stabbed in the Back”, and “Positive Outlook”, but each track is strong both musically and lyrically. The lyrics, dealing with personal topics, come across incredibly well, what with the fantastic job done by Ray of Today, who may be the best hardcore singer I have heard yet. Beautiful packaging, excellent production, and a fine performance throughout make “Break Down the Walls” the best release so far in 1987. (WISHINGWELL RECORDS) [MICKEY]

[Originally published: Issue #1, circa 1987]

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