psychic violents

PSYCHIC VIOLENTS -- "Walk On Water" demo

PSYCHIC VIOLENTS is a five-piece band from Florida with Sam on guitar, Jorge on bass, Bill on drums, and Charles on vocals.

This tape was truly a pleasant surprise. Each song I has a different sound to it. Some thrashy, some melodic, some psychedelic, and some mixing all of these elements. The lyrics are cool too - most are personal, while others address topics such as racism ("Mayberry") and animal cruelty ("Animal Aushcwitz"). This band is very innovative - for instance, in "Embrace", instead of the usual transition from thrash to slow-mosh parts, they go from fast and heavy to slow and more mellow. All in all, 28 songs (including a few instrumentals that can only be clasified as country- psyche) in 60 minutes. Comes with lyrics and a mini-comic book. Great sound quality on most of the tracks. This tape is a must. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #5, circa 1988]