GENERAL CONCERN -- rehearsal tape

GENERAL CONCERN is a positive, semi-straight hardcore band from way over in Longview, Washington. The line-up is as follows: Jay (18) on vocals, Paul (18) on guitar, Rick (16) on bass, and Keith (17) on drums. They will soon be going into a studio to record a demo.

GENERAL CONCERN rehearsal: This is some raw, pounding HC that, thankfully, is not short on melody. B.C. packs a powerful punch – actually, crunch is a better word. Heavy, grinding fast parts and really great mid-tempo stuff, plus good lyrics (mainly positive, some political). The only problem is that the sound quality, as on all rehearsals, takes away from what is otherwise a fantastic tape. This band has great potential – I can’t wait to hear the demo! In the meantime, you should really check out this rehearsal. Write to Keith, 3217 Maple St., Longview, WA 98632. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #7, circa 1989]