BLATANT YOBS — “Bitching and Slamming” demo tape
“BLATANT YOBS existed about three years ago, but we had lots of difficulties with new members, equipment, practice rooms, etc. When Rich came in the band as the singer, things began to go very well. We started to play very well, and in about 3 months, we built the repertoire on the tape. The seven gigs we played (with LARM and HERESY) went very well, and people came to us screaming for demos! And now, we’re quite popular here in the South of Holland.”
Great hardcore from this Dutch skate band. Straight-forward thrash is the bill of fare here. Although at times they lack a little in the variety department, a large degree of energy and raw talent is evident. With time, the rough edges should be smoothed off, and these guys will be another great Dutch band. A dedicated bunch that deserves your support. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #6, circa 1989]