PRONG — ’87 4-song demo tape 
PRONG is a new band out of NY. They are a hardcore, metal influenced band with a slight trace of an industrial sound. They are a 3 piece outfit featuring ex-DAMAGE Mike Kirkland on bass and vocals, Tommy Victor on guitar and vocals, and Ted Parsons from the SWANS on drums. PRONG will be releasing an album entitled “Primitive Origins” on Mr. Bear Records soon. It will include remixes from their first demo plus some previously unreleased material. The LP will be distributed by Important and Dutch East. They’ve only played a few gigs, but the plan to tour following the release of their debut.
What can I say? This demo really impressed me. Not only is the music played well, but it is different from the standard thrashcore — sorta like a breath of fresh air in a sewer. All 4 tracks, “Freezer Burn”, “Primitive Origins”, “Aggravated Condition”, and “Forgery” are good and offer something new. Check out this high quality demo, and pick up their album when it comes out. [TONY]