[Originally published: Issue #3, circa 1987]

One of Philly’s best hands and a personal favorite, RUIN, have broken up.

SERIAL KILLERS will probably begin playing again in the near future (I hope so!).

Two more Philly favorites, HOMO PICNIC and SCRAM have released albums (“Days Of Grey” and “Stand Up”, respectively). Both of these bands are quite good, so check them out.

LEGITIMATE REASON will be releasing a four song EP on Plus Records. By the way, they are currently looking for a new singer.

Rave Records is preparing a Philly compilation called “Discpan Hands” which features TRAINED ATTACK DOGS, DEADSPOT, SHE-MALE ENCOUNTERS, LEGITIMATE REASON, ANTHROPHOBIA, PAGAN BABIES, BLUE, and MCRAD.

EAB is putting the finishing touches on an eleven song studio demo that will include such songs as “Sinful Past”, “Keep The Scene”, and “Money Is Burned’*. Those mad bullfrogs went over so well at a recent show at the Philly Cookbook that they may open for AGNOSTIC FRONT at Club Pizazz in late August.

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY are currently touring with A.O.D. to promote their excellent debut LP “Shatter Your Day”.

SUBURBAN UPRISE have changed their name to THE UPRISE.

Philly skins RETRIBUTOIN are currently looking for a new guitarist (you don’t have to skin, though).

And now for national news:

Guitarist Joe Butcher and bass player Chuck Valle have left LUDICHRIST, but LUDICHRIST will continue to tour and work on their second album.

Didi Ramone will be releasing an LP on Rock Hotel near the end of August. It will be in a funk-rap style. However, due to legal problems, it will be released under his real name, Didi King.

Maryland power metallists INDESTROY have released their debut LP on New Renaissance Records. Also out on N.R.R. is WEHRMACHT’s debut LP, “Shark Attack”, which features thirteen tracks (the cassette has a bonus track!).

MASS CORRUPTION have a slightly different line-up, now with Dan on drums and the Masonic Master on bass. They will soon be releasing a studio demo.

Australian thrashers SLAUGHTER LORD have broken up, and Steve Hughes and Anton have joined fellow Aussie bangers SADISTIK EXEKUTION.

LAST OPTION has had problems with their old bass player and now have Jason filling in.

Highly talented drummer, Tony Scaglione (who has played for three great bands in WHIPLASH, SLAYER, and LUDICHRIST) has finished his stint with LUDICHRIST and is reportedly forming a band with ex-DEATHRASH Pat Burns. Speaking of WHIPLASH, they should be releasing their long awaited second LP, “Ticket To Mayhem” with new drummer Joey Dangelosi.

The unique N.Y. trio PRONG are working on their second album. They are looking for a cover drawing. All aspiring (or perspiring) artists are encouraged to send art work to them.