napalm all out assault demo

NAPALM — “All Out Assault” demo tape
NAPALM is a speedmetal band from New York. Their new line-up is Chris “The Monarch” Weidner on bass and vocals, Robert J. Proimos on drums, Jeff Lombardi on lead guitar and Chris Liggio on guitar.
Three very interesting tunes from this talented quartet. The first one, “Shake it Off,” has some intensely fun riffing a la METALLICA. The second tune is prime-time SLAYER. The third song, “Immoral Society,” shows a strong hardcore influence. All three styles are executed nicely. NAPALM has variety. They do not copy the bands mentioned above, but draw in influences from them and incorporate it with their own style. All of this, combined with great production, make this a notch above. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #6, circa 1989]