holy terror terror and submission

HOLY TERROR — “Terror and Submission” advance tape
HOLY TERROR is a thrash/ power metal band from California. The line-up consists of Kurt Kilfelt on guitars, Keith Deen on vocals, Mike Alvord on guitar and vocals, Floyd Flanary on bass, and Joe Mitchell, who replaced Jack Schwartz, on drums. Their debut album, “Terror and Submission”, will be released soon on Music For Nations. No American record deal has been signed yet, so check out the import bin at your local record store.
This is a fine metal band that alternates between thrash tunes like EXODUS, and power metal tunes in the style of PRIEST and MAIDEN. The vocals are pretty good – no “grunting demons” here. Some tracks, like “Mortal Fear”, have a riff that stays on your brain for a long time. Definitely worth checking out, if you’re into it. The high quality, long (9 tracks) tape costs only $4. Additional merchandise includes bumper stickers ($.50), pictures ($1), and tour shirts ($8). [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #3, circa 1987]