[Originally published: Issue #2, circa 1987]

Sunday, April 12, 1987, Trocadero (Phila., PA) by Sean

I showed up at the Troc without a ticket and saw a really long line outside, and I started thinking that maybe the show was sold out. As I walked up, somebody sold me a ticket for $11. The doors opened about 15 minutes later and as we were being herded in, the big, football-player-like bouncers asked me ever so politely to remove my rings and not to put ’em back on after I got in. Noooooo! I wouldn’t do something like this and lie to these nice bouncers. This was my first time at the Troc and I was impressed with the set-up., but I was pissed off that they were selling hot dogs and soda for $1 each, since I knew I was going to buy them.

SHE MALES opened up with a pretty good set. The crowd seemed to like ’em, even though it really wasn’t their crowd. SAVAGE GRACE from somewhere out west came on. I think they blow, but I had fun getting the poseurs dancing. Same fag had a MOTLEY CRUE vest on and he was getting unhappy because people kept landing on him. Some friends of mine tried to rip his CRUE colors off.

ANVIL BITCH came on. I hadn’t seem them in a while. The production on their album may be awful, but they kick ass live. They closed with “Maggot Infestation”, a fave tune by them.

Everybody was waiting for MOTORHEAD, and they disappointed no one. The mere words of mortals cannot describe the experience of seeing M-HEAD live. They did two encores. I had some great air-time and messed with the on-stage bouncers. I almost got to touch Lemmy’s rings. The crowd was pretty cool and the show was great. The management at the Troc kept saying not to trash the place or MEGADETH won’t be able to play – Oh Nooo! My only beef was that the poser-fags in the pits and the cost of the whole affair.