Saturday, May 9, 1987, 46th and Kingsessing (Philadelphia) by Sean

[Originally published: Issue #2, circa 1987]

This was destined to be a good show: one skinhead band and two kegs. FUZZY WARBLES and THE CORRUPTED ONES were supposed to play but cancelled and didn’t show up. I started sucking up the suds from that keg while waiting for RETRIBUTOIN to go on. Nothing like draft beer, eh!! RETRiBUTOIN went on just as the brew started to kick in, a case of perfect timing. Their 20 minute set included an ANTISOCIAL cover, five or so (I’m not sure how many) strong originals, and SHAM 69’s “If the Kids are United”. With strong, powerful vocals, a much more than damn good drummer, a great guitar and a perfectly complementing bass, they ROCKED! You could definitely feel the adrenaline rush they were getting from being on stage for the first time. A band to watch, so don’t miss their next show and remember, I told you first.

Next was a special treat – three-fourths of SUBURBAN UPRISE were attending the show, so they decided to play. Another skin-head band, and thre’s still more beer! What a great night! Since they were missing the guitar player, the singer played and sang. S.U. played with the CRO-MAGS at City Gardens and I could tell why. They let me and Jimmy sing “U-S-A”. The lyrics are real hard, just ask anyone who was there. SUBURBAN UPRISE is now one of my favorite bands – another band to watch. They are HOT!!

100 RIFLES went on and I saw about 20 seconds of their set, then I heard the kegs calling me. I rushed upstairs and I saw, horror of horrors, why they were calling me: both of them were tapped out. There was only one thing to do: raid the fridge that was right in front of me. I got some dill pickles and moseyed on outside. An apology to 100 RIFLES, I don’t remember any of your set. Outside, Jimmy from RETRIBUTOIN and John from LEGITIMATE REASON had some words, but noviolence occured between them. Two very drunk guys started fighting which looked pretty funny. I heard that soon after they started fighting, a show-goer got rushed by the neighborhood fellows. About 9 squad cars showed up when I was talking to a family on their porch ’cause they were asking me about shows and all the excitement. I had a damn good time hanging with my fellow ‘skins, listening to them play, and drinking heavily.