[Originally published: Issue #4, circa 1987]

[LOOKING BACK: Wanted a FALSE LIBERTY interview. Sent a request to the singer, Greg Anderson. Got sent back an INNER STRENGTH interview; apparently, I was pretty late, as FALSE LIBERTY had been broken up for a while. (This is before the Internet… word travelled much slower back then!) Greg went on to lead the infamous straight-edge band BROTHERHOOD as well as ENGINE KID, and more recently GOATSNAKE, sunn0)) and THORR’S HAMMER. I believe he runs Southern Lord Records. — Mickey]

From the broken pieces of FALSE LIBERTY comes…INNER STRENGTH!
Greg – vocals
Hank – guitar
Brian – drums
Jeff – bass

How long have you been playing your instruments?
These are sort of educated guesses! Brian – 2 years, Hank – 4 years, Jeff – 7 years.

Can you give a brief history of the band?
After FALSE LIBERTY broke up, Greg and the drummer Vic wanted to start again. So the other members were found and it was complete. Then Vic totally pulled an irresponsible selfish move on the other members so we got a different drummer. Our first practice with the new line-up was July 6th, 1987.

Who writes the lyrics and music?
Greg writes all the lyrics and everyone writes the music. So far, every member has come up with a guitar riff, which I think is real cool!
What inspires what you say? What message do you want to get across?
Friends and going through life influence what we say, also what we’d like to see changed around us. I think the main message is to start caring more for your fellow man. Also use the power inside you to solve and overcome your problems.

What bands do you listen to?

What do you think of crossover bands? Is it good or bad for the punk scene?
Personally, I really don’t like many metal crossover-type bands. C.O.C. is the only really cool one I can think of. I have mixed feelings on what they’ve done for the punk scene. Some have created a sort of unity between punks and metal kids. Some just corrupt the scene and ruin the great foundation some scenes have.

What do you think is the biggest problem in the scene?
Well, besides the fighting, I guess it’s people just not showing enough respect, compassion, and love towards one another. People have big self-images and showing emotion is like a disease or something.

Are any of you straight-edge?
I (Greg) am straight-edge. The other guys aren’t. I just feel a responsibility to be alert to my surrounding as much as possible and to be on a clear level when communicating. I strongly feel though that people should do what they feel is right and not what someone tells them is right. Choose for yourself!

Any future plans?
GREG: Well, just to keep chugging along, we hope to put out some sort of a tape soon.

How does INNER STRENGTH compare to FALSE LIBERTY, both lyrically and musically? Is the basic message still the same?
Musically, INNER STRENGTH draws on influences like EMBRACE, VERBAL ASSAULT, HALF OFF, and 7 SECONDS. So INNER STRENGTH has a more positive/melodic sound. Lyrically, it’s basically the same message. Plot of the lyrics are the “improve inside to change outside” type lyrics. INNER STRENGTH lyrics are more personal than FALSE LIBERTY.

Any final comments?
GREG: Thanks totally for the interview – it’s much appreciated. Support your scene, show you care about the HC scene. Always try and choose what’s right for you. Peace, love, and friendship for the world over.