Sunday, March 1, 1987, The Trocadero (Philly) by Tony

[Originally published: Issue #1, circa 1987]

The Troc's first hardcore show and hopefully not the last.

Despite the weighty $8 door price and no ins-and-outs, the place is a big venue with great lighting and sound system. But the no stage diving "rule" has got to go!

These established Philly bands are all gaining recognition across the nation, but they still take the time to play shows for their "first" audience.

dead milkmen ruin electric love muffin flag of democracy flyer

ELECTRIC LOVE MUFFIN came up first and even though they were slower than I expected, they were good. They were very rhythmic and enjoyable. They did new songs like "Drunk and Horny" and covers like "Venus" (that speed-metal classic?). E.L.M. proves that hardcore doesn't have to be out-and-out mayhem to be good.

Next up was RUIN. Vosco and co. took the stage in their usual white attire and started things off with "You" and "By the By". They played most of their new songs and a couple old ones. Vosco's stage presence and the light show was an added attraction. As RUIN did 'Proof' for their first encore, I forgot all about the hour and a half I had to wait in line to get in. RUIN is one of the best and most creative bands I've ever heard.

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY came on and delivered their lightning-fast hardcore blitz. They were good and a lot tighter than the last time I saw them. F.O.D. is sheer power - not for the timid.

I didn't stay for much of the DEAD MILKMEN because I really hate their new songs. Some of their old stuff (the "Big Lizard..." days) were cool and funny, but the mainstream stuff from "Eat Your Paisley" is boring.