scram stand up lp

SCRAM — “Stand Up” LP
I seriously believe Philadelphia will soon be recognized as THE national hotbed of underground music, and SCRAM is definitely on of the leaders in this group of fine, talented musicians. SCRAM’s only other vinyl outings were on compilations, I believe. They had one track on the immensely popular 4-song Philly compilation “That Was Then, This Is Now”, and one on the more recent Positive Force compilation, “Another Shot for Bracken.” And now, finally, they have an LP out! The Philly scenesters well know, SCRAM has been a definite mainstay in our scene for a few years new, delighting fans with their very desirable sounding blend of reggae, Ska, and hardcore. This well-produced disc shows off their considerable talent, bringing them to the recognition of the rest of the U.S. Tracks which stand out are their immensely popular anthem ”Stand Up”, an excellent cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” (better than the original?), and the love song “Something To Cling To.” Powerful stuff throughout! Well worth the wait. (BYO Records) [MICKEY]

[Originally published: Issue #3, circa 1987]