orifice demo

ORIFICE -- ’88 demo

Excellent demo with 4 track that have to be heard to be believed. ORIFICE mix together eerie guitar riffs, spoken/yelled vocals, metal clangings and pounding drums to form some unique, heart – stopping music. “The Icebox” and “King of Maggots” are the slower, more alarming tracks while “I Am the Machine” and “Little Joe” are loud mid-tempo tunes (with that infectious pounding) that really sink their teeth into you. This is not pretentious garbage like some “avant-garde” bands produce. This is great original music that leaves me begging for more. The best track? All four of ‘em! ORIFICE / 19 Shadylawn Drive / Churchville, PA 18966.  [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #7, circa 1989]