mis donations for broken glass demo

M.I.S. -- "Donations for Broken Glass" demo

M.I.S., also from Longview, formed in the summer of ’86 and are Chris (20) on vocals, Tim (16) on drums, Jason (17) on bass, and Eric (15) on guitar. They don’t like labels, show-offs, wanna-be’s, backstabbers and liars. They like to laugh, play shows, and receive mail, so if you want to rap, drop ‘em a line.

M.I.S. “Donations for Broken Glass”: Loud and angry hardcore thrash with enough electricity to light all the houses on the block. The ultra-fast parts get a little sloppy, but the slower stuff is powerful, as the songs “Anti-Reagan” and “War No More” amply prove. This demo is an exercise in cut-throat HC – it’s really worth your while. 10 tracks, with lyrics. Only $2 to M.I.S., 470 23rd Ave., Longview, WA 98632. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #7, circa 1989]