initial reaction

INITIAL REACTION -- "Earth Zero" demo

INITIAL REACTION is a three man, one woman HC band from Chicago's western suburbs. They started as a garage band in Jan., 1986 and have done a number of shows in the Chicagoland area. l.R. is: Mandy Clarke - vocals, Doug Roscoe - bass, Hessel - guitar, and Matt Olsen - drums.

There seems to be a disturbing trend in the scene: people disliking fast HC thrash bands because some claim it is immature. Well, just when you thought you had grown up, this Chicago quartet kicks you in the teeth. This band plays ferocious, abrasive hardcore (of the thrash variety) with a rough edge. If you think fast and heavy music is for kids, take a listen to this hot, energy-packed tape. The music is tight and raw, yet distinctly melodic at tines, and the vocals are very enjoyable and original, in that I have never heard a female HC vocalist of this ability. The ideas seem to be OK, even though I've only seen the words to a few songs and I don't want to generalize. All together, this is a very good tape (of decent sound-quality) consisting of 20 songs. INITIAL REACTION plays HC the way we like it -powerful and energetic without being noisy or sloppy. Don't miss this one. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #5, circa 1988]