homo picnic days of grey

HOMO PICNIC — “Days of Grey” LP
The past year has been very good for Philly bands – yet another strong(!) debut LP for a long time Philly favorite. HOMO PICNIC have also been rocking the scene with their distinct sound for quite a while, and hopefully it will be appreciated by other scenes once they hear this LP. It’s great – no less. They describe themselves as rich kids playing heavy metal, but their sound is far from metal. It’s also far from hardcore. It’s not crossover, either. I’d say this trio takes influences from many different types of music, coming together to form an almost indescribable blend – powerful, melodious, complicated stuff. The vocals don’t really fit in with the lyrics and music. But this is a small consideration, as the MUSIC totally overshadows the vocals anyway. Send the lyric sheet too – great, personal stuff in the same vein as EMBRACE and DAG NASTY. I recommend this LP thoroughly. (Plus Records) [MICKEY]

[Originally published: Issue #3, circa 1987]