gunslingers demo

GUNSLINGERS — ’87 demo tape
If you saw a copy of Threatening Society #3, you’ve seen the interview with GUNSLINGERS, and you know that they are a hot new hand from Fullerton, California. They are currently on tour with Flipside Record’s D0GGY STYLE. If you didn’t see number three, the above is true, and get that issue!
Yes, GUNSLINGERS is a Southern Cal. band, but without that typical, almost cliched sound. It’s not your three-chord repetitive punk music. A lot of thought and practice (and talent!) must nave gone into the writing and execution of these eight songs – which I can only compare to a combination of DAG NASTY and “New Wind” 7 SECONDS, with the raw tinge of ’77 punk. The guitar and vocals are the definite stars of this band – both overshadow the rhythm section (which is very good, also). It leaves the melodious tunes in your head for a long time after the tape player’s off. The lyrics (sung beautifully) deal with very personal topics. They’re written well, and mercifully, they’re not pretentious. An all-together fantastic job. Please, someone sign these guys! [MICKEY]

[Originally published: Issue #4, circa 1987]