CYBER KULTUR -- “Synthesis” demo

CYBER KULTUR is a Houston  based band consisting of Steve Mariotti on guitars, Chris Orloski on vocals, Tim Gerron on drums and Chris Adams on bass.

CYBER KULTUR “Synthesis”: Interesting alternative rock with a good dose of originality. “Center of the Universe” is a pounding dirge with Orloski’s dramatic, expressive (sometimes histrionic) vocals standing out. “Decompressions” is a mid-tempo rocker with enough internal diversity to fascinate the listener. “The Planet is Dead” is an OK tune, but the repetition of the main metallic riff tends to annoy. “Penetrate” is a thrash-rock song with a noisy chorus and a stop-start rhythm that jams. The final track, “Parade” is catchy white funk with a kicking bass line. The music on this tape is fairly complex and someone in the “technical know” could probably describe it better, but I’ll just say that those interested in alternative hard rock or atypical power metal (with lots of surprises) should check this out. The lyrics aren’t bad either. Write to 11210 Bayou Place Drive, Houston, TX 77099. [TONY]

[Originally published: Issue #7, circa 1989]