The Corrupted Ones
Nightmare EP (1988)
54-minute, 30-track extravaganza, featuring the following bands/tracks:
  • Psychic Violents (Animal Auschwitz, Embrace, Outta Here)
  • Blood Lake (Negative Attitude, Inferno, All Dressed Up, There's a Draft)
  • The Uprise (Skinhead March, Land of the Free, Bullshit)
  • Gunslinger (Do You Feel the Same?, Missing You, On the Run)
  • Corruption (Wasteland)
  • Mass Corruption (My Victim, This Means War, Nothing More Than Lies)
  • Epileptic Albino Bullfrogs (Criminal at Large, Stealing for Christ, Close Minded Fool)
  • Dirge (Negative Sanctions, Threat of Power)
  • Visual Difference (Karma, Going Gets Tough, United and Excited, Are You OK)
  • Dead Jacksons (Tell Me That You Love Me, I'm OK - You're Fucked)
  • God Corp (Trial By Fire, Serve and Protect)

The New (De)Generation
cassette tape compilation (1988)
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Music (MP3)
Melodic hardcore from this South Jersey band. Maximum Rock N Roll liked the release -- but gave us the finger wag for one of the tracks that they deemed homophobic. Looking back, I can't say that they were necessarily wrong. So it goes when a band is given full artistic freedom for a record...

Six tracks: You're Boring, Right? / Tragic Faggots / Nightmare / N.Y. Love Song / The Liar / Gitano Jeans
Copyright 2007
Interview with Pagan Babies
July 13, 2007
(1 hour, 2 minutes)
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Philly hardcore legends Pagan Babies sat down with us the evening before their successful reunion show. They explore back-in-the-day perspectives and memories, and reflect on the impact the punk scene had on who they are today. Insightful, energetic, and unexpected, we're sure you'll enjoy this Podcast all the way to the end.

Featuring music by Pagan Babies, FOD, Electric Love Muffin, Scram, and Ruin.
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