[Originally published: Issue #5, circa 1989]
LOOKING BACK: The first real punk show I ever went to was at the Kennel Club with WHITE FLAG headlining. One of the defining moments of my life -- not so much because of any especially exceptional performances, but because the energy and the comraderie among the crowd. I did like WHITE FLAG -- their unique blend of punk and 70s arena rock (I remember Pat Fear's leather jacket had a huge KISS logo on the back) was just pure bombastic fun. Amazingly, they're still kicking it, and toured Europe not too long ago. (Check out their site here; the photo below is from that site.) Below is a "mail-questions-to-the-band-get-answers-mailed-back interview with Pat Fear. -- Mickey
WHITE FLAG have been around for a while. They've been very popular in Europe, and are now gaining an American audience. Here's an interview from their front-man, Pat Fear.

THREATENING SOCIETY: What's the present line-up?
PAT FEAR: Pat Fear guitar and vocals, Trace Element drums, Pick 2 Sticks Guitar, and Doug Graves bass.

TS: What has the band been doing lately?
PF: Getting the new LP, "Wild Kingdom" (Positive Force) out.

TS: How many tours have you done?
PF: Three
TS: Do you plan to tour again soon?
PF: Yes. We'll come back East when the weather's better. We're from Southern California, and don't handle the snow very well. We're whimps.
TS: What are the best cities you've played in?
PF: Well, Paris, Copenhagen (Denmark), and Gevle (Sweden). In USA, there's New York City, Philadelphia, Providence (Rhode Island) and San Francisco.

TS: What do you think of the sound of the bands on the "Four Bands That Could Change the World" compilation LP?
PF: Our stuff wasn't mastered very well, but all of the other stuff is cool.
TS: Three of the four bands are on different labels. How did this come about?
PF: I put it together because all of these bands are my friends.

TS: How many records have you done?
PF: Way too many. We've recorded about 8 LPs, but a lot more are either out of print or only available in Europe.
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TS: Do you think your style has changed dramatically since your first effort?
PF: Yes. Now that I do most of the singing, it's more melodic. But it's still fast and powerful.

TS: Is being in WHITE FLAG a full-time job or do you work?
PF: WHITE FLAG is full-time. I'm too busy with the band to work a job.

TS: No offense, but is Trace Element as bizarre as he comes across on the album?
PF: No. He's much more bizarre.
TS: I see a bizarre name mentioned on your albums Jello B. Afro. Who is that?
PF: He's our old bassist.

TS: I know BLACK FLAG means anarchy. Is WHITE FLAG a direct play on this?
PF: WHITE FLAG means the last lap in road racing.
TS: Does BLACK FLAG ever bother you about this?
PF: Actually, BLACK FLAG are big fans of ours.

TS: What are your favorite Dr. Seuss books?
PF: "Green Eggs and Ham" and "If I Ran the Zoo."

TS: What merchandise do you have available?
PF: "Wild Kingdom" LP, $6 to Positive Force Records. "4 Bands That Could Change the World" compilation LP (with AOD, 7 SECONDS, F, and WHITE FLAG). Cassette has extra tracks. $7.98 ppd to Dutch East India. 2-color "Suicide King" t-shirts (large and extra large), $8 ppd by airmail to WetSpots Inc.

TS: Any last words?
PF: "Confusion be my epitaph." Write us.