[Originally published: Issue #3, circa 1987]
LOOKING BACK: Wow, I forgot all about Randy Now and City Gardens. The arch-enemy of the Philadelphia scene. He'd put on these huge shows at a club in Trenton, NJ (City Gardens, in a truly horrible neighborhood). If memory serves correct, the "controversy" is that he'd charge $15 for 2-3 national bands -- and that these touring bands would surpass Philly to play City Gardens. So, for years and years, I'd skip City Gardens gigs to "support the scene." Now I realize I must have missed some pretty killer shows (but, MAN, was $15 a lot of dough!). Who know what's going on with Randy Now and City Gardens... Anyway, I caught up with Life Sentence's drummer for an in-the-parking-lot interview, so putting up with the sardine-like conditions inside the club worthwhile. Oh yeah... I don't think I ever even *heard* DR. KNOW at the time. But they still sucked. And DRI *did* shred. I have no freakin' idea why I didn't stick around for the EXPLOITED. -- Mickey
June 28, 1987 Club Pizazz (Phila., PA) [Mickey]

From what I can piece together, the billing of this show could almost be considered a mistake: Too many huge bands on one bill, in too small of a place. This is because of an ass proaoter frca New Jersey naned Randy Now who tried to cash in on tne action in Philly to stake lots of acney. well, he dropped the show, but the bands were booked, and Philly promoter Chuck Meehan was left holding the [fill in word of your choice]. This review is dedicated to Chuck for his dedication and determination in keeping Philly shows under control. Randy Now, stay the hell out! we don't need or want you!

STALIN'S DAUGHTER, the only Philly band on tonight's bill, played first. I'm sorry, but they really aren't that good. Repetitive thrash, restrained, redundant. Maybe if they started from scratch, changed their sound, or something that
drastic, they'd sound better. But right now ... well ...

LIFE SENTENCE is one of those bands that I've heard OF, but never heard. They've been around for a while, and it's easy to see why from their stage appearance and musicianship. They played a very intense, inspired set that highlighted tunes from last year's LP, and songs which I assume will be on their forthcoming release. They are a band that must be heard, whether live or not.

DR. KNOW came on next with their speed-metal sound. Sorry guys. I never liked you, and I like you even less live. Next!

D.R.I., by far the crowd's favorite, hit the stage next, comolete witn a remote-control guitar (does a guitarist really need that, especially when he doesn't have room to move anyway?) and lots of pedals and other gadgetry (it all sounded the same to me). In other words, DRI has hit the high-tech world of music. Sound wise, they were fantastic, playing tunes frcm all three albums and the 7" "Violent Pacification". It could've been better, if they'd followed the song list they had posted for their use. They skipped rignt over the best tunes! Another thing that got me ticked off was the way they ran the tunes together, not giving anyone a chance to breathe, and two unfamiliar songs back to back sounded like the same tune. But the complaints I have are petty, totally overshadoweo by a tight sounding, absolutely energetic set. To me, crossover stinks, but DRI live rules!
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