[Originally published: Issue #3, circa 1987]
CASBAH is a brilliant thrash/death metal band from Japan. They have released 2 demos that have sold very well. They were offered a five year recording contract by Combat Noise, but turned it down because they were unable to come to exact terms. Their latest release, "Infinite Pain", snows their power, talent, and originality. We had a talk with vocalist Taka Hatori on the future of CASBAH, and the scene in Japan.

Taka Hatori, 23, vocals
Ryo Murayama, 24, guitar
Kouichi Mitani, 19, bass
Takashi Usui, 21, drums

THREATENING SOCIETY: How Iong has the band been together?
TAKA HATORI: We've been together for 2 years with the current line-up. It's almost four years since the band first began.

TS: How did the band form?
TH: First, it was just for fun - doing covers of IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD, METALLICA and so on. But soon we got bored just doing covers and thus started to write music of our own. That's how it all began. Nothing unusual, you know.

TS: What bands influence you?
TS: What 'messages do you try to give in your songs?
TH: The lyrics are about our ordinary life anc its potential pain and harm - which everyone feels close, you know. It's something you can't set aside.
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TS: Have you been to the United States yet?
TH: Unfortunately, not yet.
TS: Would you like to tour here?
TH: Yes - I've heard from people in the States about the crazy crowd with so such energy and so such adrenaline! We're very eager to tour there!

TS: What recordings have you done?
TH: We did the "Russian Roulette" EP ($7) and the latest "Infinite Pain" demo ($5).

TS: Are you planning to record an album soon?
TH: No, we don't have any deal at the moment.

TS: Has your style of playing changed any since CASBAH began?
TH: Some people say we've become more hardcore thrash than before, but you know we've never conciously changed our style. We're just playing the music we like. But you have to change - I mean, you always have to try and play something new and original or the band will never make any progress. Bands should become better and more technical and never stay still in one place.

TS: What's your favorite American TV show?
TH: "Sesame Street" and "Bugs Bunny". At least I know two!

TS: What will CASBAH be doing after the upcoming tour?
TH: We might record another demo meant only for record companies and magazines.

TS: Final comments?
TH: Thanx a lot for the interview, and good luck to THREATENING SOCIETY. Keep supporting true metal bands. Believe or bleed! Drop me a line.

CASBAH is definitely one of the best unsigned bands in the world. Give these guys a listen. Got it?
TS: What have you been doing most recently?
TH: Well, we've got the "Infinite Pain" demo (a superb demo - Ed.) out. We'll be touring Southwest Japan starting August 22nd. So, rignt now we're rehearsing for the tour and also writing some new stuff.

TS: What is the thrash/death metal scene like in Japan?
TH: The scene here is getting bigger and bigger these days -it's really cool. But unfortunately, there was a big, tragic accident about 2 months ago. A Japanese punk band called LAUGHIN' NOSE was playing in front of a big crowd of about 3,000 people. After playing 3 songs, the disaster took place: the whole crowd started to tilt towards the stage and people fell over one another as a result. 3 people died and many were injured. A real tragedy! Because of this accident, bands like us are strictly regulated to play in big-capacity halls and this really hurts! I hope it becomes better in the future.