[Originally published: Issue #2, circa 1987]
HATRED "No Control" Demo

This is probably one of the best demos I've ever heard. Combining the best aspects of thrash in the vein and METALLICA with a very slight touch of hardcore, HATRED really delivers the goods on this 4 song deal. Don't get me wrong -- they aren't one of those generic crossover bands that try to cash in by kissing up to metallers and punkx at the same time. Though all the tracks are decent, the best is definitely "Dig Your Own Grave", a classic tune in the style of "Fade to Black". Get this NOW! [TONY]

"MASS CORRUPTION was formed in late September, 1986. After a few months, we changed drummers. Our line-up now consists of Rick (17) on vocals, Deli (17) on bass, Crash (26) on drums, and Ed (19) on guitar. We have played quite a few bars with local bands. We have not get to open for any out-of-town bands yet, because the only club that bills out-of-town bands thinks we are NAzis. We are NOT Nazis. We are not a peace band. We are not a political band. We are simply a mean, aggressive band that likes to have a good time tearing it up live. Our future plans are to record a demo very soon and try to get a record deal. We also would like to tour the US this summer or the summer afterwards."

MASS CORRUPTION '86 demo: This is a ten track tape of good crossover (burning speed with sick mosh parts), but with a very heavy sound. Some of the tracks remind me of AGNOSTIC FRONT (especially old AF), which made me like them even more. The songs are played tightly, with plenty of good riffing. After a few listens, you'll really get into it. This should appeal to both metal and 'core kids alike. Give MASS CORRUPTION a listen -- you won't be disappointed (unless you're a total waste). [TONY]
PEDIFILE "Die a Violent Death" demo

PEDIFILE is a five piece thrash metal band from Mesa, Arizona. They formed in May '86 and started off doing SLAYER and EXODUS covers, while opening for bands like ZNOWHITE and DARK ANGEL. But now, PEDIFILE is headed in an all original direction and hope to get signed soon with this demo. PEDIFILE is into heavy, technical music with heavy vocals and ear-piercing screams. All of this is displayed on the demo.

PEDIFILE "Die a Violent Death": This ain't easy, but here goes. The music on this four song tape is played really well -- good, tight, technical thrash. And most of the KREATOR-type vocals are pretty cool. But there are some extremely high shrieks that just sound out of place. Plus, I really can't get into their lyrics. It should be noted that the song "Pediophiliac" delivers an anti-child molestation message. So do their t-shirts, which depict a child molester being beat up by a bunch of thrashers. Overall, this demo is slightly above average. Interesting. The tape costs $4, lyrics included. For $6 you get the tape and a PEDIFILE t-shirt, which Chris informed me LARS ULRICH of METALLICA wore on MTV and claimed to be his favorite. [TONY]

RIGOR MORTIS demo: This is a very heavy death-metal band from NY. They sound something like across between SLAYER and METALLICA, except the vocals, which sound like, oh, I don't know, could it be... SATAN? Anyway, RIGOR MORTIS shows a lot of potential. I can't wait to hear their upcoming demo, "Decomposed". [TONY]
DOGGY STYLE "The Last Laugh" EP

This is the much-awaited DOGGY ROCK, with ex-D.S. members Brad and Lou, teamed up with ex-DESCENDENT Doug Carrion and ex-MINOR THREAT guitarist Brian Baker. With such a strong lineup, I expected much more. But it's a rap record. That's not so bad in itself, but it's the fact that such talented musicians shouldn't be wasting their time on such trendy stuff. Thank God, Brian Baker quit and went back to DAG NASTY, where he can show his true abilities. Now the question remains: Will the rest of these truly talented dudes leave too, and use their talents? (NATIONAL TRUST RECORDS) [MICKEY]

When the original DOGGY STYLE broke up and Brad X and Lou Gaez left to form DOGGY ROCK, they re-formed with an added guitarist and a new drummer and singer. And with this change, they've improved dramatically. After taking a close look at their first album, which I enjoyed very much, it seemed very limited and restricted, both musically and lyrically. Just melodious thrash. But on "Doggy Style II", they seem to ignore their whole past, and appear with a new style. They are much more mature, and it shows. They delve into slower, more melodic, but still powerful music. Each tune is very original, different from the next, which makes it an album which one is not easily bored with. I admire their willingness to be adventurous and not stick to the same limiting three chords. 18 long tracks too. What a bargain! (FLIPSIDE RECORDS) [MICKEY]

These guys haven't been playing long, but the Philly scene has taken a quick liking to them. It's easy to see why. They have a sound like the old 7 SECONDS (before "New Wind"), but they are more varied, in that they delve into reggae and more melodious sounds. Not very well-produced, but for a first try, it sounds very good. Powerful, with catchy tunes and powerful lyrics. [MICKEY]

The long awaited follow-up to their highly successful debut album shows us a very polished band. The first track, "Suicidal Maniac' is a fast burner (the best song on the album) with vocalist Mike Muir often sounding like a refined Roger miret of AGNOSTIC FRONT. The title track is a pseudo-rap that seems to be trying to start a fad. Aside froa 'War Inside My Head" and "Cyco" the rest of the tracks sound like new wave tunes with a slightly heavy edge and Mike trying to do his best Ray Davies imitation. All in all, this album isn't that bad - just don't expect the same "cycos" from the classic first LP. [TONY]
PRONG 4-song demo '87

PRONG is a new band out of NY. They are a hardcore, metal influenced band with a slight trace of an industrial sound. They are a 3 piece outfit featuring ex-DAMAGE Mike Kirkland on bass and vocals, Tommy Victor on guitar and vocals, and Ted Parsons from the SWANS on drums. PRONG will be releasing an album entitled "Primative Origins" on Mr. Bear Records soon. It will include remixes from their first demo plus some previously unreleased material. The LP will be distributed by Important and Dutch East. They've only played a few gigs, but the plan to tour following the release of their debut.

PRONG 4-song demo '87: What can I say? This demo really impressed me. Not only is the music played well, but it is different from the standard thrashcore -- sorta like a breath of fresh air in a sewer. All 4 tracks, "Freezer Burn", "Primative Origins", "Aggrevated Condition", and "Forgery" are good and offer something new. Check out this high quality demo, and pick up their album when it comes out. [TONY]
DEATHROW "Riders of Doom" LP

Good thrash from this West German outfit (formerly SAMHAIN). Nine good tracks with frenzied solo-ing and above average vocals. A bit too cliche in some places but overall, a good album. Combat Noise has another winner. [TONY]

A 2-song studio effort by Ian MacKaye and fellow MINOR THREAT Jeff Nelson. This one-shot deal shows that power doesn't always come from raging guitars, pounding drums, and screaming voices. Good, inspired lyrics and fine music (with Ian on guitar and bass not since the TEEN IDLES days?) fit hand-in-hand to place this well-produced 7" high on my list. Too bad we probably won't hear anything else from EGGHUNT. Ian told me that his desire to play music still runs strong, and his new band is taking form, and hopefully by this summer, we'll hear from them. (DISCHORD RECORDS) [MICKEY]
UNIFORM CHOICE "Screaming for Change" LP

OK, I know. This album is sort of old, but I never got a chance to hear what the big deal was. Now I can, and I am quite impressed. They are very talented and this is easily seen on this release. The music is very good both diversified and complicated (both of which I feel signify a talented band). A matured UNITY. But the lyrics are what impress me the most. U.C. isn't the typical straight-edge band. They aren't spiteful, and give support to those pressured, and justify their attitudes very eloquently. They also have some songs that could definitely be considered poetry very beautiful. Get this LP! (WISHINGWELL RECORD) [MICKEY]
YOUTH OF TODAY "Break Down the Walls" LP

YOUTH OF TODAY's EP "Can't Close My Eyes" (Positive Force Records) was a very strong release every track was great musically, and the vocals were top-notch. It seemed that a comparable follow-up would be unlikely, but they managed to match their effort on the EP, and for the most part, surpass it. YOUTH OF TODAY has the heavy, thick New York hardcore sound (dual guitars, strong bass), but unlike bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT and the CRUMBSUCKERS, the heavy metal tinge is missing, but not missed. They have a sound all their own, which is difficult to describe or cocmpare. The energy that they emit live transfers well in the studio, as seen on such great tracks as "Make a Change", "Stabbed in the Back", and "Positive Outlook", but each track is strong both musically and lyrically. The lyrics, dealing with personal topics, come across incredibly well, what with the fantastic job done by Ray of Today, who may be the best hardcore singer I have heard yet. Beautiful packaging, excellent production, and a fine performance throughout make "Break Down the Walls" the best release so far in 1987. (WISHINGWELL RECORDS) [MICKEY]
MACHINE DOG "Sic 'Em" demo

MACHINE DOG was formed in March of 1985 when Scott D'Antonio (drums) got together with John Plummer (vocals and lead guitar) and John Tokarski (bass). They are influenced by such bands as METALLICA, MOTORHEAD, AC/DC, THE RODS, HOLOCAUST, and VARDIS. They will soon be releasing another demo.

MACHINE DOG "Sic 'Em": This New Jersey power metal band delivers catchy riffs on this 3 song effort. They sound like a cross between AC/DC and early RAVEN. Kinda enjoyable. The riffs stick in your head for a while. Available for $3. [TONY]
SLAYER "Reign in Blood" LP

The lords of black metal are back with a vicous speed metal attack. "Angel of Death", "Raining Blood", and 6 other tracks rip through your brain. Pick up this album and thrash, thrash, thrash! [TONY]
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