[Originally published: Issue #1, circa 1987]
LOOKING BACK: Don't remember all that much about this show. Except that Woody Weatherman put on a STUNNING performance. I have no idea what the hell I was talking about when describing HONOR ROLE. And this review provides yet another example of my love affair with LEGITIMATE REASON, chronicled throughout the entire run of Threatening Society. -- Mickey
April 18, 1987 Club Pizazz by Mickey

The previous (and first) time I ever went to see COC, I got arrested for violation of curfew (a B.S. law, but I won't get into that right now), and was hauled downtown before they came onstage. That was November '85. So, I figured it was necessary to see them this time.

Tony and I arrived just in tiae to see LEGITIMATE REASON'S set. They sounded great! Each instrument sounded very crisp, and the vocals kicked ass! My only criticism was that there was a measurable lack of energy on the part of LEGITIMATE REASON, though I realize it must be difficult to get psyched when the place isn't full yet. But musically, they're getting very tight, and are becoming a force to be reckoned within the Philly scene.

Next up were one of Philly's favorite bands, HOMO PICNIC. An older group (both in the ages of the members and the group itself), this group has had a chance throughout the years to really polish their music and stage presence. An incredibly powerful band, HOMO PICNIC was crazy (as usual), using every bit of the stage, but somehow keeping their matured melodic thrash in line. They have recently signed to a label, so keep an eye out for a release. I predict that they will become well-known in the national hardcore scene.

HONOR ROLE somehow didn't fit in with the other bands of the evening. Perhaps it was their '77 sound or their obvious concentration on what they were playing. Whatever the reason, it didn't really matter. I mean, HONOR ROLE may have been the first live band where I REALLY listened to their music, and really felt something. Maybe it was because I of how passionate and at-one the guitarist was with his music. The singer sounds like Johnny Rotten. I felt this was a large drawback. But I enjoyed it thoroughly! Tony was quickly bored by them though, and opted to chat with his buddies in the back.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is currently touring, in promotion of their new "Technocracy" EP. Though I really can't get into it, they were absolutely mind-blowing live. I had problems dealing with the laid-back, restrained playing of their new bass player, and the just plain awkwardness of their new singer, but Woody and Reed made up for them a hundred times over. The pit went completely crazy during their whole set. This is what crossover should sound like - punk power with metal musicianship. They cranked out tunes from all three vinyl releases, sounding especially in top form on "Eye For An Eye". C.O.C has definitely made my best live band list. See them or kill yourself!
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